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Floating Docks Delivered to Claytor in Under 3 weeks

The Double Decker Boat!

The Double Decker Boat!

The crew celebrated our launch by renting Claytor Lake Water Sports 26' double slide boat. We had 9 people on board for a day of fun on the lake and everyone loved the double slides! Every cove we went down, people from shore would point and kids faces would light up when they saw the two slides. I know our young Claytor Lake fans were pumped to see it pull down the cove for our day on the lake.

Johnny and his team at Claytor Lake Water Sports were awesome walking us through the boat and getting us out of the marina quickly. 2020 was the first season for the boat so it's super clean, well maintained and all you need for a fun day out on the lake.

The rental comes with plenty of life jackets and seating for everyone. Many in the Claytor Wear crew were under age 13 and they loved the double slides. The adults had a blast on them, too. We were out on the water all day and the crew never tired.

Whether you are celebrating the launch of a Claytor Lake merchandise Web site, a birthday or just want to have fun on Claytor, we highly recommend renting this one-of-a-kind boat! Check for availability.

The Claytor Wear crew ready to depart